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Jennifer Marcenelle

When it comes to burn out, Jennifer has a simple philosophy: take your life back by putting your Highest Self in charge and learning how to heal your injuries from the inside out.

At the age of forty-four she experienced a health crisis resulting after years of anger and frustration from trying to please and meet the unrealistic expectations of others. This experience led her on a journey of self-responsiblity and healing, one that changed her life forever. She has devoted her career to helping people get their lives back.

One client described her as “a clear facilitator for health and healing,” while another declared her to be “truly gifted in energy medicine.” Jennifer is a board certified holistic nurse with advanced training in various modalities. Her practice is completely unique. She provides highly-skilled therapy sessions which combines the all-natural and cutting edge technologies of gemstone and diamond therapy, with the cognitive restructuring technique of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Her practice is truly holistic – addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual causes of burnout.

Her therapy sessions are holistic in nature. When she’s not with a client, you can find her speaking to corporations, small groups, churches and every day business professionals across the nation helping them discover their own solution to burn out and demonstrating how holistic nursing therapy can help them make incremental and profound changes to transform their lives.