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Jennifer Foster M.s.

Jennifer Foster MA BSc is the creator of the Energy Dynamic model, author of two books looking at his topic and works with people to raise their consciousness using this idea. She was born in the UK, Middlesex in 1968. She realised at a young age that the world was not as straightforward as it seemed and at 15 years old started to scribble down stick men and diagrams to see if she could make sense of what was going on around her. She added to the knowledge she gained by studying Economics and Philosophy to a Master’s Degree level in the 1990s and included the work experiences she had with people with mental health conditions, learning difficulties, families, business coaching, a Reiki master, Acupuncturist, life coaches and NLP practioners. At the end of 2012 she put all this learning together and the Energy Dynamic model was born. The next five years were spent writing two books and making over 100 videos about the model. In 2016, she opened an online Academy and self-published the books. Anyone in the world can now access this valuable knowledge. She is looking to expand the reach of the Energy Dynamic model and welcomes all people to the Energy Dynamic Academy. Find more information about online courses and books at