Guest Profile

Jeff Goldberg

Jeff Goldberg is the President and Lead Sales Trainer at Jeff Goldberg & Associates where they’re dedicated to helping individuals and organizations attain measurable, and sustainable, sales increases. He’s an award-winning sales professional with over 4 decades of sales, sales management, training & coaching experience. Jeff has had the opportunity to teach, coach, mentor and speak internationally in front of tens of thousands of sales professionals, ranging from financially successful veterans to the most junior new hires in a diverse array of industries. He is relentlessly energetic and results-driven. He’s studied multiple disciplines with leaders like Werner Erhardt and James Arthur Ray and believes in continuous growth. Hear more about his expertise because per Jeff everyone sells, whether you’re a professional salesperson, a small business owner who needs to bring in business, an employee trying to sell your ideas or a parent working to get your kids to listen to you!