Guest Profile

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr, a health and wellness advocate, began searching for alternatives to the traditional Western approach of treating various injuries and illnesses nearly 40 years ago.

Interested in helping his body heal itself and in managing health and pain without using any invasive approaches, drugs or on-going Doctor and Clinic visits, he began his crusade.

Through extensive research and application, he has assembled a collection of products that support optimal health, treating the cause of pain and illness, not the symptoms, so that you may regain your natural balance. This successful quest has brought his passion for wellness and optimal health together in the formation of Neshama Living, for the benefit of all .

By providing SNP testing, not guessing for nutritional supplemental support, pure pH balanced water-as nature intended, protection from the everyday effects of technology and electro-smog, and an advanced technology to eliminate pain and encourage healing using healing light, everyone can live at their highest possible level. He calls it 'raising sparks' giving the gift for health.