Guest Profile

Jean Marie Herzel

Jean Marie Herzel - Nature Spirit Art, author and illistrator of Nature Spirit Tarot: A 78 Card Deck and Book for the Journey of the Soul. For 8 years she was dedicated to the Nature Spirit Tarot project. Nature and art furthered her deeper understandg of Life's mysteries. Nature has been her guide into the infinite diversity of forms that Consciousness displays in homes and Earth. Art is the tool which enables her to share her vision with others.

Early works consisted of botanicals, birds, and other nature themes. During this time, Jean Marie developed painting skills. Her greatest affinity was always with the plant world. In later years, her dreams, the plants offered her a visionary glimpse at the inner, unseen forces of nature. This intimate connection with the spirits of nature is the underlying theme behind all of the varied paths Jean Marie's art has taken.

Jean Marie Herzel is a self-taught artist, specializing in watercolors and hand-painted drums. After a life-threatening illness in her late 20s, she left her career as a librarian to pursue her life-long dream of being an artist, focusing on the flora and fauna of Nature. Through her artwork, she found a pathway to a deeper understanding of life and Nature. The founder of Nature Spirit Art, she lives in the Pacific Northwest.