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Janine Layton Kimmel

Author and artist, Janine Layton Kimmel, is the mother of two sons and resides in Locust, New Jersey. She is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in human development. In 1997 she received a master's degree in transpersonal studies from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California.

Her thesis, a book entitled Pale Blue Connection, is based upon her original concept of Initiation Art. She has studied with cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien Ph.D., Sausalito, CA. and Patrick O'Neill of Extraordinary Conversations, Toronto, Canada since 1991.

She travels frequently giving diverse workshops for children emphasizing the connection between nature and creativity, inspiring imaginations. She has also worked with students to improve interracial and intercultural understanding through the ‘Project Writing Link,’ a federally funded grant program.

Kimmel’s art has been described as having a visionary quality suggesting an altered magical reality where lush blossoming vines, vibrant colorful forests, and luminous animals and birds will “invite” you into their world.
1993 – Kimmel began the first of six sculptures that connect change and experience with the creative process, deepening self-awareness.
1998 – Kimmel began painting a series of vibrantly colored doorways that would later inspire her illustrated children’s book, The Magic Gown.
2009 – Kimmel’s book, The Magic Gown, won six awards including Book of the Year for ages 8-12, Creative Child Magazine.

Kimmel has a private transpersonal and wellness counseling therapy practice in Red Bank, NJ. She is available for appointments in office or over the phone. Individual or small group art classes are available for all ages.