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Helene Olsen

Helene Olsen is an Angel Communicator and Multidimensional Psychic Medium and throughout her life, people often exclaimed, "How did you know that?" She took these comments in stride, not thinking of herself as anything except observant. As a young adult, she took an interest in Tarot cards as a personal hobby. Nothing in this world prepared Helene for the overwhelming spontaneous third-eye opening followed by the legion of Angels that landed in front of her years ago.

Today, Helene continues to communicate with the Angelic Realm and many masters and guides. Connecting with beloved Human Spirits, as well as Nature Spirits and Inter-dimensional Beings of Light, is just part of her daily life. Although a shocking experience, she is grateful for every Blessing her path continues to bring.

Angels brought her extensive wisdom and detailed teachings. However, they directed her to step through fear in all facets of life and paid special attention to one of her true life purposes; clearing all types of negative energy Angels partner with her to assist those with personal negative attachments, to clear homes and places of ghosts and other unwanted energy.

Helene is an internationally known Angel Communicator and Multi-Dimensional Psychic Medium who has appeared in many radio spots, live events and some TV programming. She is followed and loved by listeners who connect to her warm confident personality and her down to earth sense of humor. She reads publicly for "live" radio audiences and has clients all over the world. You can find her as a featured guest two hours the first Friday of every month on Rense Radio, with host Jeff Rense. She's been featured twice in the past 18 months on Coast to Coast Am, with host by George Noory, and many other spots.

Helene is a licensed reader in the City of Salem, Massachusetts, a Reiki Master and powerful energy worker/healer. She resides in a coastal community north of Boston with her beloved husband, Arthur and her family.