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Helena Reilly

Renowned Quantum-Scalar-Sound Therapist, Helena is the co-founder of She is a pioneer in the use of sound frequencies and immersive quantum scalar energy vortex technology to effect lasting transformation and decrease the impact of stress and burnout.  Her mission is to harmonize humanity.  The Voice Code Software that she developed with her partner Robert Lloy automatically depicts the nuances of the subconscious and delivers a harmonizing soundtrack that releases the hidden stress that sabotages well-being and human potential.


Helena did her graduate work in Psychological Treatment at the University of Chicago. In 2015, she received the award for Best Therapist and Therapy From Who's Who Of Distinguished Alumni.

Realizing the limitations of her academic training, she sought to create a modality that was more effective than talk therapy. She applied Sound Therapy and Quantum Sound Technology in her upper west side Manhattan-based private practice. 

The Quantum Miracle iQube synergistically combines the science of scalar energy with sound therapy to effect permanent subconscious transformation. Helena is an expert in applying Voice Code Sound Therapy and Quantum Technology as cutting edge methods for Stress Management and Anti-Aging of the Burned Out Professional.