Guest Profile

Heather Humphrey

Heather is a personal transformation coach and wellness advocate. Through an integrative approach, she helps people create sustainable changes in their lives to become their most vibrant, fulfilled selves.
This all started when she began her own personal health journey 5 ½ years ago. Being in her early 40's, she found herself struggling with high blood pressure, lower energy, stress, and terrible inflammation in her knees and feet. Despite her efforts of eating whole foods and exercising almost every day, she couldn’t seem to find relief in any of these areas.
Throughout her journey, she began to learn that when it came to creating health it was so much more than the food she was eating. The mindset work became the focal point as it was starting to have the biggest impact in her life. That’s when she realized that if she could help a handful of her friends feel this good, then it was worth it to share these tools. So she decided to pay it forward. Five years later and over 600 lives impacted, she continues to work hard to help people lead healthier, more vibrant lives!
When she isn’t pouring into others she spends her time with her husband, 17 year old daughter, and two Golden Retrievers going camping and exploring the state of Idaho where they now call home. She loves being on the water and in nature and as much as she can it’s what fills her soul. Building a community where people feel like they belong and making new friends is what makes her heart happy.