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Hannelore Thiel

Hannelore Thiel M.S.C., M.S.H - Inspirational Story Teller, Author, Teacher, Counselor and International Speaker.

Hannelore is the author of her upcoming books; 'Ignite Your 6th Sense, the Power of Your Intuition' and 'Dolphins, Whales & Magical Tails.'

Through her own deep love and respect for animals and our beloved planet, she demonstrates techniques to awaken your understanding and respect for the innate intelligence of Nature.

In addition to her numerous workshops, seminars and speaking engagements, she facilitates her highly popular Retreats: 'Wilderness Vision-Crafting, Communing with Nature' and the 'Communing with Dolphins' in playful union with non-captive Dolphins in Hawaii.

Hannelore invites you to reflect on the wisdom and insights that inspire you to embrace the brilliance of your full potential. She masterfully assists you to tap deeper into the realm of empowered thinking to manifest your greatest desires.