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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Awakening - The Life and Work of White Buffalo Woman

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Eve Kerwin

White Buffalo Woman: Then and Now

On the 10th of August 1994 in Janesville, Wisconsin, a momentous birth occurred.
This birth was heralded as the fulfillment of a 17-generation-old Lakota Sioux prophecy. A female white buffalo calf was born on a bison farm owned by the Hieder family. The calf was pure white, not an albino. This was genetically remote, later predicted by geneticists as one in hundreds of millions. The day after its birth, before news reached the press, a Lakota Sioux medicine man mysteriously appears on the Hieders doorstep, saying that he received a vision that a white buffalo was born and needed to travel to it. He was guided to their farm by Spirit to acknowledge the event that his nation had been prayerfully anticipating for hundreds of years.
The significance of the white buffalo for the Sioux Nation begins centuries ago on the Great Plains. A number of tribes had joined together on the banks of a river. These seven clans were cooperating out of necessity, as times were very hard. Game was scarce and they tired of warring on one another for resources. They agreed to coexist under the tutelage of one chief.
They prayed that he would lead them back to abundance and prosperity. One day, the Chief Standing Tall instructed two of his best scouts to try and locate a herd of buffalo. One located find and the subsequent hunt could lay up provisions for the entire tribe for a year. The two scouts departed camp and headed for parts infrequently visited in search of game.
After some time, scouting the horizon from a hilltop, one of the scouts noticed a strange apparition in the distance. A white globe was floating a scant few feet above the grasslands, moving slowly toward them. Their first inclination was to run, but they were riveted by the vision. As the glowing globe got closer, they could see the form of a strikingly beautiful woman within. This woman had long black flowing hair and was covered in white buckskin. She carried a bundle in her arms. The scout, who first witnessed her, recognized that she was not of this earthly domain and this was a message from The Great Spirit and he was humbled.
The second was drawn to her by her shining and pristine radiance and lusted for her physical bounty. As he approached her, suddenly a swirling cloud engulfed the scout and the vision and together, they spun wildly as if being sucked up into a summer funnel cloud. When the torrent ended, she remained floating over a pile of bones. She spoke to the remaining scout and asked that he not be afraid. For the first had improperly misinterpreted her purpose. He should return to the tribe and tell them to prepare a lodge for her as she had gifts to bestow from Spirit. He hurtled himself across the plains and returned to camp to the amazement of the elders. But they all acknowledged that this was the answer to their prayers and made preparations.
The entire tribe was assembled as they saw the same white globe of light appear on the horizon and float towards their encampment. The chief greeted the apparition and welcomed the emissary from Spirit.
She spoke, I am the White Buffalo Woman, and then held out her arms as she passed the bundle she was carrying to the chief. She explained the first of seven ceremonies that would provide them with a process of right action and deeds as the chief unwrapped the cloth to expose two items. A stem made of cottonwood and a bowl shaped from red stone. The stem represented the male and the bowl, the female. When joined together, and only joined when praying, the smoke of the pipe would carry their prayers directly to The Great Spirit. As long as they honored this gift and six other ceremonies that she would reveal in the subsequent few days, their peoples would live in abundance and peace.
As the White Buffalo Woman bade her good-byes to the tribe, she floated from the camp and then the same funnel cloud again appeared only this time as its winds abated, a white buffalo appeared and stood before them. It laid down, turned around, and stood up, only the color of its coat had changed to black, then again, it changed to red, then once again as it changed to yellow and finally, back to white. The bison strode off and the voice of White Buffalo Woman could be heard by all, saying that she would return one day, when the world was at peace. Her owners named the white buffalo calf born in 1994, Miracle. Thousands have visited Miracle. Amongst them, many Native American elders, and even the Dalai Llama have physically witnessed her and acknowledged this prescient message to mankind.
After Miracles birth, the essences of White Buffalo Woman began to intertwine with the energies of Eve Kerwin, a former cosmetics model from Stamford, CT. When White Buffalo Woman speaks, Eve becomes the conduit for different spiritual guides who come through and assist her in this healing work. The sum total of all these energies is The Holy Spirit. In the beginning of each session, what people experience coming through Eve is a coded, vibrational, energetic dialect: a Universal Telepathic Core Language. Eve believes that the work of the White Buffalo Woman, the true gift that comes through her, is for many people to consciously understand their mission here and their lifes purpose. The process is an awakening and unlocking of Universal Truths, that when applied to their life, balances their bodies: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This new and fresh perspective has life-altering potential, not only in interactions with others, but their physical circumstances as well. While Miracle fulfilled the physical aspect of the prophecy of the White Buffalo Woman, Eve Kerwin, through the shamanic tradition, is carrying on the spiritual aspect to truly complete the work of this wisdom teacher.


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