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  08/07/2007      12:00 am

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Unleash Your Bodys Ability To Heal Itself Using Quantum Biofeedback

Guest Profile

Barbara Murphy

Barbara Murphys interest in the healing arts lay dormant while she pursued her business degree and a long career in the corporate world. Her interest was rekindled when exposed to a wide spectrum of speakers on various healing modalities beginning in 2002, but it was ignited in 2003 when she heard Margaret Ruby speak about the Possibilities Techniques. The idea that the body has the capacity to heal itself and regenerate its cells in new and pristine condition was especially compelling, because she had a friend who was severely ill with diabetes. Although her friend died before Barbara could begin her first class, she continues to be an inspiration for this work. Barbara became a Certified Energetic Practitioner by completing all of the classes Margaret currently offers. In addition, Barbara audits the classes when the materials are updated, along with being a participant in the Apprenticeship program to take her skills to a deeper level in the foundation work. Barbara plans to go on through The Path of the Initiate and The Grand Masters programs to take her masters skills to a deeper level when they become available.

One of the speakers Barbara was exposed to gave a presentation on Quantum Biofeedback. Barbara was intrigued enough to become a client. After a few months as a client, Barbara decided this would be a nice fit into the healing arts part of her post corporate life and her business Quantum Possibilities was born in 2004 with the purchase of her device. Barbara has taken training through the advanced level to become a Certified Biofeedback Specialist. She continues to take training to refine her skills in areas of focus including Part I of a class series for dealing with emotional stress she took in June. She will take Parts II-IV when they are scheduled.


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