Guest Profile

Gretchen Lawlor

Gretchen Lawlor has beenthe We'Moon Almanac astrologer for 20 years, with her astrological writingsguiding and inspiring readers all over the world. Living on an island near Seattle, far from her native New Zealand, she blends a 40 year devotion to the study and practice of astrology with her naturopathic background and a passion for experiential learning.

She takes her ASTROPLAY to conferences such as Seattle's Women of Wisdom, Michigan Womyn's Festival, Breitenbush Center, and Northwest Astrological Conference, as well as to her longstanding passion for using astrology with at risk teens in a local high school. She sees clients in person at her Seattle office and is available for phone/skype sessions to her clients all over the world.

She has many articles available online google Gretchen Lawlor, see her website,, as well as her pieces published inLlewellyn Publications,Mountain Astrologer and Beltane Papers.