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Gregg Sulzer

Gregg has a passion for helping people to be their most authentic selves. As a child, influenced by his therapist father, he was drawn to the classic psychological texts of Freud, Jung, and Adler. As a young adult he was introduced to the Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti who opened his mind to a new interpretation of the human drama and started him on a spiritual path of daily meditation and yoga which he’s been doing over twenty years now.

He grew up as a competitive tennis player and a disciplined musician. After graduating Purchase College with a BFA in music composition, he signed a record contract and toured with one of his bands for the better part of two years. After a brief stint as a would be rock star, he turned to coaching both tennis and music. He has coached tennis in the Westchester area as well as at the Bill Adams International Tennis Academy in Miramar Florida, and has operated a private music studio in Westchester for ten years. Gregg guided one of his private tennis students through a year on the pro tour before he returned to Cornell University to play number one singles, and now one of his most talented music students has become an accomplished writer and producer working with Zane Malick and Zara Larsson.

Gregg’s love of teaching and coaching and his fascination with psychology has evolved into an excitement for life coaching. Gregg has always encouraged his students to pursue their dreams with enthusiasm, passion and a belief that, with the right tools and a desire to work, anything is possible. He is committed to seeing each client realize his or her fullest potential.

Gregg continues to play both tennis and music to keep his mind body and soul on the Right Path.