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Gloria Weichand

Gloria receives information regarding life in spirit, from spirit. Her teaching in regard to the “other side” comes from spirits who reside on the “other side.” She works only in the presence of God’s divine love and light.  In everything she does, she tries to do it in a way that is pleasing to God.  Gloria believes that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Similarly, it is our
choice as to how we live our lives. 
Gloria firmly believes that the mentally and physically challenged people on the earth are some of our greatest teachers, specifically chosen to lead us, teaching us the most important lessons in life.. which are compassion, understanding, acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness.  She also believes that many of them chose the body their spirit resides in, knowing how great their mission truly is, understanding that we teach and learn our greatest lessons in life through difficulties, whether it be our own or witnessing others.
Gloria has her own Center, The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary, LLC.  Her thriving practice includes a host of classes and workshops.   In addition, Gloria is also available for private readings and platform gallery readings that she holds at her center.
Gloria also works out of The Center For Conscious Caregiving, located in Brick, New Jersey, where she offers the same classes and workshops.