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Dr. Glenna Rice

If you would like more ease in parenting...Glenna is a radically different wealth of possibility

Glenna Rice, MPT The Questionable Parent is a single mother of three, 8, 13 and 17 she is also a Physical Therapist, a Certified Access Facilitator and an Access Body Class Facilitator. She earned her master's degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California and worked as a Pediatric Physical Therapist in the Boston and San Francisco school districts prior to opening her own practice, Access Physical Therapy, in San Rafael, CA. She teaches Conscious Parenting Classes, tele-calls and Access Seminars worldwide and is a contributing author in the book Conscious Parents Conscious Kids. She has been using the tools of Access with her children since her youngest was one and her children have truly become a contribution to her life and living. Access has given her more ease, joy and glory with being a parent than she could have ever imagined possible?

Being a Questionable Parent speaks to both her willingness to continuously ask questions, and also her willingness to been seen as a less than perfect mother. She teaches parents to empower their children to know what they require and what will work for them? What if you didn't have to control who your children are? What if you could trust your awareness rather than being fearful for your children?

Since Glenna found this amazing work, every day has become a new discovery into ways to parent with more ease so it works for her and her family. She is truly creating something extraordinary with her kids. She no longer plays the insane role of mother that is normal in this reality. The role that is full of hard work, controls, over-scheduling, figuring out what is best, concern, stress and constant worry. She chooses from what is light, what is required, what will expand her life and her children's lives. She does not force her points of view on her children. She is instead an invitation to something different. She ask questions, does not look for answers and is open to infinite possibilities of how things can change and allows all the energies that are available to support her in what she is choosing to create.

Glenna sees daily the changes created in the lives of the people she works with, couples who stop hating each other, divorces that actually empower everyone involved, parents who are able to see the gifts their children with the labels of autism or ADHD truly have, mothers who create childbirth with ease, an allowance of teenagers that seemed impossible, parents having the awareness of what their children would like to be, to eat, when to sleep, eliminating so many of the struggles of parenting in this reality

Access Consciousness may be the weirdest and wackiest system she has ever encountered...but it actually works to create the changes people are asking for Glenna has an amazing gift to look at the energy of what you are asking to change and facilitate from that space instead of just the story and what she speaks to about parenting applies to every part of life

Glenna's target is to facilitate as much consciousness and awareness in the lives, living and reality of everyone who is willing to choose something different and create more ease, joy and glory on this planet What do your children know? What do you as a parent know? How can we tap into this to make a difference? Change is not always comfortable but often required. Are you willing to be the change that can truly create a difference? Are you willing to gift that to your children?