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Gail Hunter

Gail Hunter LCSW

Gail Hunter, LCSW, BCD, has been in Private Practice as a psychotherapist in the Pittsburgh area since 1979. She is a Reiki master and a holistic practitioner using EMDR, Brainspotting, neuro/ developmental approach, Reiki, Source Point Therapy, ‘Bars’, Theta Healing, TFT, EFT, and other Energy Techniques. She is a Founding Member and the President of the Board of Directors for OMA. As a holistic practitioner, she has always believed in everyone’s inner capacity to heal into life; to remember the ‘truth’ of who we are innately; to reconnect to a ‘knowing’ of the abundance of possibilities we can manifest and to remember we all come from the greatest source of Love, always connected to Source and each other.

She loves to spend time with family, friends, and pets, and enjoys Swing/Lindy hop dancing, gardening, nature, and fitness.