Guest Profile

Fran Garton

Fran Garton is a Pain Reduction Coach for women who want to get rid of their pain forever. Through her no BS coaching, mastery of movement modifications and online workouts, she adds laughter and fun to your coaching sessions, shakes up your approach to movement and pain management while making it feel like you’ve always lived this way. Her adoring fans + customers have called her the caring friend who’s ready to give tough love and call you out on your excuses when needed. She’s also that tiny voice inside your head cheering you on. She’s been featured on Breakfast Television’s Movin’ in the Morning, CH Morning Live, Thrive Global, Mind, Medicine Mondays With Delia Beadle, What’s Up with Jaye, Dela’s Voice, Rachel Benton Coaching, Rebel Soul Podcast, Spice It Up With Sandra, Faith & Fitness Magazine, as well as providing workshops at Encompass Health and Wellness, St. Louis Adult Learning Centre, LRL Associates Ltd. and Guelph and Kitchener Public Libraries. When she’s not helping her clients achieve their goals, you can find her hanging out with her furry donkeys and kittens, engaging in her old lady cross-stitch addiction or having a dance party. Meet Fran and get ready to experience her passion for pain-free living.