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Emily Russell

Emily Russell discovered Access Consciousness after the traumatic birth of her second child while suffering from postpartum depression. She was unhappy, full of judgment, and sure that she had set her baby up for all sorts of awful things by the birth that she thought she didn’t get right. After her first Access Bars class, she experienced a week (and years since) of total happiness and joy – that she hadn’t had since her daughter was born despite endless efforts with yoga, meditation and the tools she had available. Once the judgment and wrongness were gone, a whole new world of possibilities and joy opened up not only with her daughter but with everything else.


Now Emily travels the world with Access Consciousness and working as the Global Coordinator for Access Bars. She finds talking with people about the tools that they have used to change and empower themselves some of the most relevant and engaging conversations out there! What else is possible for all of us who have known something else is possible, but haven’t (until now) known how to get there?