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Elliott Robertson

Elliott Robertson is a Love and Joy Coach, an author, and a certified Happiness Workshop leader. Elliott is the author of Say Yes to Life: Seven Keys to Living Full Out from Within and he has written devotionals for Daily Word magazine as well as articles for Science of Mind and Wisdom Magazine. He holds a Master’s degree in psychology. For years Elliott consistently squelched his desires the moment they emerged. His constant refrain was, “Yes, I’d like to be friends with this person, but I’m not good enough.” The belief that he was not good enough was pervasive. Whenever his heart voiced a desire, it was immediately ruled out, whether the desire was related to career advancement, relationships, or money. In college, he never asked out a woman who had captured his heart at first sight. After graduating, he worked at entrylevel jobs for years. His low self-esteem led him to sabotage a relationship with man within a year of meeting him and falling in love. Now he has compassion for the young man he used to be. He has gradually come to know that the cosmos is benevolent and majestic and creates only images of its own nature. This transformation has revealed to him his passion and purpose for supporting others in their journey of liberation from the misery and paralysis that come with low self-worth. Through the course of his journey, he has discovered keys to opening the doorway to the realm of day-to-day authentic happiness. He is committed to sharing these keys through his writing and coaching.