Guest Profile

Elizabeth Fallon

Coming from a background with 2 decades in retail cosmetic management, including travelling with one of the top leading cosmetic brands in the world., it was time for a change, Elizabeth wanted to start a family .

At the time her son was born, she woke up and their home was gone and there was no money for food.
Elizabeth felt her world was crumbling as she crumbled with it and couldn't have felt more broken.
But Elizabeth knew that both she and her young son were meant for so much more.
Elizabeth was able to work her way through to the top, during the lowest time of her life, when doors opened up to an amazing career as a Private Flight Attendant, travelling all over the world, with both presidents, CEO's and celebrities. 
Outside of flying, Elizabeth gives back to single moms, one talk at a time, as she shares how you can be successful too by believing in yourself, changing your thoughts  and building your muscles of resilience.