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Elaine Clark

Elaine is self-employed in the structural steel drafting field. It was quite by accident that she arrived in this “engineering related field”. Her father encouraged her to pursue an engineering degree in college, when she wanted to major in “communications”. To which her father replied “what the heck is that?”. So, engineering it was. She rebelled, did not finish college, went out on her own with 350 dollars in her pocket to start her own life! Ready to go! After a few years in the food service business, she acquired a position in “steel detailing” only to find out, that is what her father did for a living!


Elaine has struggled with her weight since she was in her teens. She was on a roller coaster of weight loss with a few clear successes over the years but mostly on the uphill climb in her weight. Wellness was not something she thought of, weight loss was always the focus. Diets certainly did not work. She did not want to eat exactly what was on the “diet menu”. Diets definitely did not have enough room for “freedom of choice”. So, the rebelling continued.


Finally, in her 50’s she discovered a new way to approach weight loss. Don’t focus on weight loss! Focus on “wellness”. Eat better, exercise more, get enough sleep, balance work/play, reduce stress, do what you love. So regardless of the number on the scale, she is focused on enjoying life and living well.