Guest Profile

Dr. Tanja Isabella

Dr. Tanja Isabella is The CEO Seductress & Founder of Rich Woman Sexy & Million-heiress Mindset. She is the owner of a multi-dimensional global brand that empowers women to have sexual, financial, and spiritual sovereignty.


Dr. Isabella has a Doctorate in Divinity & Spiritual Philosophy with an Emphasis in the Divine Feminine. She has over a decade of experience practicing Dermatology where she combines her love of healing and beauty. Tanja is a published book author, a certified empowerment coach, an international speaker, and a certified branding and imaging coach.


She is an Internationally Certified Sexuality, Love, & Relationship Expert. Tanja is a love and lifestyle alchemist who specializes in women having both relationship and financial prosperity. As the CEO Seductress she teaches women to have power, pleasure, and prosperity in both the boardroom and the bedroom.