Guest Profile

Dr. Sobyl Bunis

As a young adult, I became frustrated with Western medicine when I noticed doctors treated my symptoms, but not the underlying reasons for them.


This frustration led me to the art and science of chiropractic, which is all about finding and treating the actual cause of symptoms. My first chiropractor taught me that my body, mind, emotions and spirit are all connected, and that vibrant health and well-being depend on all of these aspects being in harmonious balance.


Hop, skip, and a jump! From being a chiropractic patient in 1978 to a chiropractic graduate in 1986 to joining a chiropractic practice in Santa Barbara in 1987. Our practice was truly holistic; we combined full-body chiropractic adjustments with custom nutritional programs and emotional clearing techniques.


I’ve seen how Emotional Clearing work offers the missing link in helping my patients get well. They often tell me that after years of therapy, Emotional Clearing quickly got to the root of their issues and resolved them for good. Similarly, patients report that their chronic physical complaints begin to resolve once we add Emotional Clearing.


Over my 33 years of experience, I’ve witnessed the profound transformation that Emotional Clearing can facilitate—for individuals, for couples, and even for multigenerational family systems!


Because of these profound results, my patients have been asking me how can I help their loved ones all over the world. The Emotional Clearinghouse is how.


This is the fulfillment of my longtime dream to make Emotional Clearing accessible and affordable to people globally.