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Dr. Roxanne Brown Robinson

Dr. Roxanne Brown Robinson is a Women’s Leadership Coach and Trainer. She resides in Atlanta, GA and is the Founder of RBM Global Ministries. Dr. Roxanne recently received her Doctorate of Divinity from Global Empowerment School of Ministry out of Jacksonville, Florida.


Dr. Roxanne was licensed as a minister in 2002 from Greater Shiloh Church, Easton, PA and currently serves as ministry leader of “In His Image’ at Word of Faith Love Center in Atlanta, GA. “In His Image” is a mentoring ministry for young girls between the ages of 12-18.


Since 1997, Dr. Roxanne has been teaching women how to discover their purpose in life. She is a workshop facilitator and Women’s conference host. As Dr. Roxanne continues on her journey to empower women globally, she plans to launch “New Life Christian Leadership Academy,” which will be a hub for women to be trained in leadership.


Dr. Roxanne’s mantra is “Live on purpose because you have a purpose to live.”