Guest Profile

Dr. Pamela Alexander Ph.D.

 Dr. Pamela Alexander is a passionate poet, artist, dream analyst, and personal/spiritual growth advocate on a lifelong mission to expand people’s consciousness and help them reach greater heights. Currently, she leverages an intuitive, compassionate approach to assist her clients in tapping into the embodied wisdom within their own dreamscapes. Her approach to dreamwork arises out of over twenty years of engagement with the dreams and psyche. Whether it’s in a talk, self-development course, book, or blog, she utilizes the power of words to instill a message of healing, love, hope, and total-life transformation.

Pamela’s affinity for the written word began with poetic expression, which resulted in the publication of her book Psyche’s Poetry: Beauty to Awaken the Soul. Her interest in interpretation was inspired by a symbolic exploration in graduate school of “Snow White and Rose Red.” From there, she went on a trip to see the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy and friends, and before she knew it she was fascinated with symbolism, which she views as the language of the soul. Her most recent book is Initiation of the Soul: Myth and Fairy Tales as a Path of Awakening to Freedom and Wholeness.

To find out more about Pamela S. Alexander's work with dreams and her creativity, feel free to visit her official website at