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Dr. Mitchell May

In 1972, a near-fatal car accident catapulted a young Mitchell May onto a profound healing journey during which he learned about the phenomenal power of whole foods, botanicals, and the healing force within us all. The priceless knowledge he gained from working with herbalists, healers, and doctors from around the world would go on to inspire his creations and the birth of The Synergy Company. Today, Mitchell still has a very active role overseeing the company and masterminds each and every one of our innovative formulas.

Mitchell’s unique supplements reflect his vision of synergy: “A state of being in which the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts because an optimum balance and harmony of those parts has been achieved.” The experiential benefits of his healing story and work continue for people day in and day out —tens of thousands of people all around the world are being helped and supported by his life-affirming products.