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Dr. Marjorie Roth

Marjorie Roth was born into a musical family. She still has a recording of herself singing in parallel thirds — a form of harmony — with her mother at only 18 months old. "I was always good at music, but standing up in a dress and playing a recital was never my favorite thing to do, although I loved to play my flute and I loved rehearsing with other people. During my junior year as an undergraduate, I took my first music history class, and within two weeks I realized that this was what I wanted to do. For the first time, I understood the art of music as more than just sound, how it affected the lives of people, politics, religion, etc. I didn't even know being a music scholar was possible until I went to graduate school. I just knew I loved to read, research, write papers, think about and analyze music, and contemplate the meaning of music in human lives."  Recently she has become interested in examining Spirit Music.  Music that is channeled or created by mediums who are influenced by well-known composers.