Guest Profile

Dr. Kari Taylor Evans Ph.D.

Passionate about living her highest potential, Dr. Kari is a guide for those who desire to transcend fear and suffering. It is her greatest joy to support those who are ready to step into their power to create lives that reflect being in peace, balance, health, love, joy, freedom, wealth, and harmonious relationships.  

She has 20+ years of mental health experience supporting over 100,000 people in the journey of coming into their wholeness, increasing self-awareness, and treating disorders related to anxiety, depression, trauma, emotional dysregulation, and other mental health conditions. As a psychologist, she values clients getting the results that they desire in the most efficient process. 
Dr. Kari works with mind-body-spirit interventions and teaches how to raise consciousness and connect with one's infinite wisdom to guide one's focus, desires, and choices. She finds that many of her clients are stuck in outdated programs based in limitation, fear, and false beliefs rather than operating from their truth.  She is revolutionary, as she brings what she has learned in her professional training, personal healing journey, and in raising her own consciousness to her work that she now calls play.
It is one of her biggest joys to celebrate her clients shifting from pain into peace.  Dr. Kari celebrates daily others who step into their truth, spiritual gifts, and live their days in alignment with their highest potential. She is truly grateful to be a part of this sacred journey with so many beautiful beings.