Guest Profile

Dr. Iris L. Davis MD

Iris L. Davis, M.D. is a lifetime student of healing practices with a 38-year career which has spanned a variety of populations, including HIV/AIDS, geriatrics, hospice and multiple cultural, ethnic and income groups. She presently offers medical intuitive consultations to help individuals prioritize and clarify issues impacting their health.

Previously, she incorporated into her internal medicine/primary care practice the perspectives of functional and integrative medicine, medical acupuncture and other forms of energy medicine including mediumship. This training helps her to include these traditions and their appropriate uses as tools for individuals to change their lives and health. Her goal is to help her clients achieve their own mastery and wholeness. Each individual is unique in this perspective.

As a long term survivor of multiple autoimmune illnesses, Dr. Davis is mindful of the difficulties and the strengths gained from working with chronic illnesses and their sequela. Her life experiences help to drive her passion to help others determine where and what they can change, and to always move forward to their best capacity for healing in the present.