Guest Profile

Dr. Imsara

Dr. Imsara, DOM, AP is a doctor of Oriental Medicine, Teacher and Evolutionary Astrologist, who specializes uniquely in helping to heal those who are in pain or otherwise feeling blocked from enjoying a life of wellness and prosperity. She has made the focus of her work developing alchemical programs that help to further people in their evolution. She reinforces this work via her natal evolutionary astrological interpretation of the person's soul intention for growth and evolution.

Dr. Imsara holds a Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of south Florida and is a licensed primary care physician in Oriental Medicine by the state of Florida with a practice in St. Pete Beach, Florida and in Bradenton, Fl. She also offers periodic journeys to energy sites around the world such as Egypt, Peru, Glastonbury, the Yucatan and Mt. Shasta.

You can contact Imsara for further information or to make an appointment at 727.821.8300727.821.8300 or visit her website.