Guest Profile

dr. becky martinez

becky martinez is a Mixed Race, Mixed Class Woman of Color and engages the dynamic of the both/and living in these particular identities. She is a proud aunt, friend, most often curious, person that enjoys running, observer of nature, fan of ice cream and hopes to always be in process. She is a consultant and trainer with an emphasis on social justice, leadership and organizational development. Her work focuses on engaging individuals and groups to recognize systemic dynamics of privilege and oppression for more inclusive and equitable policies, practices, and structures. becky strives to create space for healing and liberation as part of her work, particularly in this current moment. She works with diverse groups at the college level and with non-profit organizations and government agencies. She is a faculty member with the Social Justice Training Institute, a Co-Lead Facilitator for LeaderShape, a board member with Class Action, a former certified trainer for the Anti-Defamation League and the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network and counselor-advocate through Peace over Violence.