Guest Profile

Doris Markos

Doris Markos is an intuitive empath trained as a facilitator and practitioner of the Body Regeneration Method, founded by the leader and pioneer of the Body Regeneration Method and body whisperer Track L Clark. 
As a hairstylist for over 25 years, it became very clear that counselling and helping people is her passion and mission in life. It was on her own spiritual and healing journey that it became a reality. It didn’t come ease though. Shortly after the birth of her second child depression, anxiety and panic attacks and even some suicidal thoughts began. The struggle was often masked with smiles and laughter, which seemed almost robotic. This was very isolating. Some days where better than other which gave hope. While other days getting up in the morning or even talking or visiting friends was a struggle...missing out on so much. 
Thankfully, by following her intuitive, she left her place of work and became self-employed. Now starting her path of healing and learning. It was time to find a new way of living...there had to be more!  It was a long journey but so rewarding and enlightening. She studied nearly 10 years learning many modalities with many incredible teachers She learned and became a practitioner in reiki. She was also certified as an instructor of chi gong and a fa chi gong healer  taught by Master Teresa Yeung. It was in the last 6 years learning under her mentor Tracy L Clark that all the pieces came together. Everyday she is so grateful to work with Tracy and her incredible community.  Now living her extraordinary life, she is on a mission to share and help others live theirs.