Guest Profile

Donna Smith Bellinger

Donna Smith Bellinger is the CEO of DS Bellinger Consulting, LLC and has more than 40 years of corporate leadership experience. She is a strategic, no-nonsense sales consultant who is committed to driving results for her clients. Having worked in both corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, Donna is familiar with both worlds and well versed in the challenges each sector faces, as well as how to overcome those challenges.

Donna began her management career in vocational education for numerous trade and technical schools, serving as Admissions Director and Assistant School Director. She later transitioned to certified trainer and sales manager for various SaaS firms. Her experience working with different types of professionals across a wide range of industries has expanded her communication skills so she can relate to each type of professional in a sales conversation. It’s that ability to relate to her prospects and speak their language that has made her so successful as a sales professional, and that’s the secret she teaches her clients. She simplifies the sales process, and her clients learn how to have better sales conversations and close more deals.