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Donna Sinclair Hogan

Donna Sinclair Hogan is a paranormal researcher from Liverpool , England who specialises in Electronic spirit communication . 


Although Having had a number of spiritual experiences as a child any interest in the Paranormal world  lapsed and for over a 30 year period Life went along in a very normal orderly fashion . 


However after a number of premonitions in 2004/2005 came true , phenomena of a physical type started to occur in her home which culminated in Donna receiving a phone call from a deceased relative . The call was recorded on her home telephone answering machine service  . 

Investigating this telephone call & then researching Electronic Spirit communication took Donna on a whole new life's path . 

Since then she's enjoyed every aspects of her Paranormal road trip embracing all the wacky & wonderful experiences she has had along the way . She's lectured on her chosen subject  & given workshops in the USA , Uk & Spain .