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Diane J. Goodman Ed.D.

Diane J. Goodman, Ed.D. has been an educator and consultant on diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice issues for over three decades. She has worked with numerous organizations, community groups, schools and universities to create environments that allow all people to feel valued, be treated fairly, and able to work together productively. She is the author of Promoting Diversity and Social Justice: Educating People from Privileged Groups (2nd ed.) and co-editor and contributor to Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (3rd and 4th ed.). Diane has been cited in the NY Times, Working Mother Magazine, and the Christian Science Monitor, and has been a consultant to the Museum of Natural History in New York and on the documentary "White People" (2015) created by Jose Antonio Vargas and MTV. Her extensive and varied background enables her to bring a range of skills and perspectives to meet the needs of her clients including workshops on “Doing Our Own Work: White People Learning, Healing and Acting for Racial Justice.” Diane earned a B.A. from Tufts University in Psychology and Child Development and an M.Ed. and Ed.D. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a focus on social justice education, group and organizational development, and counseling. Her humor, openness, insight, and compassion make her sessions engaging and meaningful.