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  08/25/2011      10:00 am

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: 'The 5 Stages of Getting Naked' with Speaker, Culinary Artist, Raw Food Advocate and Award Winning Author Diana Stobo.

Guest Profile

Diana Stobo

Diana Stobo is a speaker, culinary artist, raw food advocate and a two time award-winning author of "Get Naked Fast A guide to stripping away the foods that weigh you down" and her second book "Naked Bliss: Naughty and Nutritious Dairy Free Milkshakes."

Once weighing 247 pounds, Diana has dedicated 10 years of studying nutrition to educate and empower others on the advantages of a raw food lifestyle through the lens of food as medicine. Diana regularly conducts instructional sessions as a wellness coach to individuals, at major corporations, local natural markets, wellness festivals, spas, medical and health facilities.


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