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Devon Loomis

From a very young age Devon was fascinated with death and struggled with the question of why he was on earth. Unfortunately, this led to his first brush with death when he attempted suicide at the age of 12. Growing up on the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and being heavily involved in the narcotics trade, Devon experienced violent death in many up close and intimate circumstances. 
Devon became truly fearless to the process of death as it became a normal aspect of everyday life. Fortunately, this later helped him to process his near-death experience and explore out-of-body episodes that would randomly present themselves. After a conscious shift while in the solitary confinement cell of a correctional facility, he turned towards a path of spirituality and awakening. This led him to explore the deeper levels of life, including past life regressions, inducing out-of-body experiences and psychic or intuitive training. 
Devon, now known as The Relationship Coach, uses what he has learned and applies it to helping people find and navigate the highest romantic relationships on their path. 



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