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Deanna Scott

The motivated author behind Speaking the language of miracles, a happy Mother of two, devoted wife, animal welfare advocate, and an accomplished, generous philanthropist with an ever motivated, strong-willed mind. Born and raised in the Hidden Hills of Southern California, Deanna has endured and conquered life’s burdens and obstacles, including her son Brandon’s triumphant battle with leukemia. She now fulfills her deep passion of empowering and educating all about the power in speaking the language of miracles.

Deanna has a unique ability to empower and embolden people of all walks of life. Motivational, inspirational, and always approachable, Deanna’s tell-it-like-is compassionate attitude is an invigorating approach that allows her to authentically connect with people everywhere.

Her philanthropy work includes working with the Ronald McDonald House, Re-training K9 units for the Los Angeles Police Department, and supporting with her husband Lennox Scott on the John L. Scott Foundation, whose mission is to give back to their Pacific Northwest community. Specifically, the John L. Scott Foundation helps raise millions of dollars for more than 15 different Children’s Hospitals throughout the Pacific Northwest. They believe children should remain healthy with quality medical care so they can get back to their loving homes.


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