Guest Profile

David Zarza

David Zarza, Integrity Consultant & Life Strategist

Since 2003, David Zarza has served clients and organizations as a trusted spiritual advisor, writer and teacher with a direct connection to the Universe - both its seen and unseen aspects. His diverse background of study includes Integrative Coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation, Jungian psychology, Archetypes and Organizational Development. As an innovative voice in the fields of expanding consciousness and spirituality, he is sought after for his intuitive consultations, integrity coaching and inspiring lectures. David is known for his pioneering work that bridges the spiritual side of life with transformative empowerment and compelling integrity. His international clientele ranges widely, from CEOs and celebrities, housewives to business owners and everything in between. Whether they seek to have those conversations with their loved ones that they never thought they'd have again, or want a little extra insight or perhaps they're at a crisis point where the Universe has them against the wall, David's genuine and gentle approach always leads to a positive experience and purposeful change.

David works exclusively in the field of integrity, life purpose and alignment with the Universe and has a passion for helping great people become even better. He has a strong therapeutic background and years of applied experience with client's conscious and subconscious minds, guided imagery, purposeful action and intuitive guidance both in a private and professional setting. David can perceive what's called your Perfect Possible Future You PPFY and the steps necessary to reach that vision.