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David Stone

I have devoted my life to working directly with Pure Source. After a successful corporate career, I fell ill and healed myself of crippling back injuries, chronic health issues and severe depression. During this period, I also trained as a gestalt psychotherapist, solution focused coach and a trance medium. Yet nothing could prepare me for the changes that have happened since I learnt to connect with Pure Source 12 years ago.


I now share this pioneering work, empowering people to clear their body of disease, blockages and limitations – whether this life, ancestral and karmic - so they can live their lives to their highest potential. 


I guide people into a deep embodiment process. Once a connection with Pure Source is established, a person can learn how to strengthen their body and field, stand on their own two feet and step into their power.


Whatever is stored in the body, field or DNA, that does not vibrate at a frequency of Pure Source tends to rise out. Nature abhors a vacuum, so old issues are released and new empowering choices become possible. Clients usually enjoy a profound level of freedom and growth following a session as the past debris clears once and for all. 



It is extraordinary how fast healing can happen, when someone activates their Soul in this way. As people start to connect in with Pure Source, they feel vital, they look younger, abundance flows and they naturally let go of addictions without too much thought as their innate state of health returns. I love sharing this life changing work with people.



Founder of Embodied Soul Awakening – I have created a healing modality and am also developing a community that brings together health & well being pioneers to share their knowledge and best practice that challenges the assumptions of existing healing modalities.