Guest Profile

Dani Peterson

Dani M. Peterson ACC,C-YT, Master Life Coach & Integrative Holistic Practitioner serves and supports individuals who have experienced betrayal.  Out of her own experience, she takes an integrative approach which allows her to support the whole person not just address the problem.  Offering hope, grace and compassion, Dani partners and collaborates with her clients providing them a safe space to restore confidence and self-esteem, quiet the incessant thoughts, and get clear on their next steps, allowing them the ability to create the life that serves their highest good.  Dani loves all things Italian, is an avid reader and enjoys travel.  She is both fire and water. She admits to being picky about how her lattes and cappuccinos are made and gets giddy over latte art.  Music is her medicine, and her faith in God has helped pave the way for her healing.