Guest Profile

Dan Black

Dan is a VP of Client Engagement at Tortal Training, Inc., where he provides organizations strategic consulting and learning development services that leverage the power of their people. He helps his clients get projects moving forward, discover innovative solutions and link talent development to strategic business objectives.


Dan has developed training programs, designed curriculums, created innovative methodologies, designed, written and delivered programs, some that are still in place 16 years later.  He is often consulted on for training, strategy, professional development, and performance sustainability programs.


As an individual, Dan comes from a Marine Corp. family so tends to be fiercely patriotic. He has been based out of Charlotte, NC for 20 years with his wife Blair. While he loved the speaking career, he left it in 2007 because he loved being a father to his children Mason and Sophia more. He is heavily involved in his community from schools, professional organizations and economic development initiatives for his city. His friends would tell you he is an avid learner who does serious things, but doesn’t take himself too seriously.