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Christine Upchurch

Christine Upchurch, M.S. is a writer, teacher, inspirational speaker, energy healer, and host of the nationally syndicated The Christine Upchurch Show, and she herself has been a featured guest on radio and television shows across North America. She has taught thousands around the globe how to tap into subtle energy for healing and transformation.

Christine is the co-creator of the 111 ("one-eleven") and 222 ("two-two-two") Activations, energetic processes designed to help shift people's patterns quickly so that they can express themselves more fully and better adjust to our fast-changing world. She has taught practitioners from four continents to do this work so that it can reach far and wide.

Having developed a deep understanding of the energetic nature of change, Christine created The Vibration of Change, which synthesizes various approaches to change into a unifying model--providing individuals with a new type of personalized road map for creating positive, lasting change. She offers this in workshops, private coaching sessions, and is currently writing a book about this topic.

A former research statistician whose life path shifted dramatically after healing herself of cancer, Christine has been working within the realm of energy medicine and self-empowerment for more than a dozen years. On the cutting edge of what she calls "the new mainstream," Christine is passionate about helping to empower others to lead healthier, happier, more vibrant lives.