Guest Profile

Christine Miura

Christine Miura is an Intuitive Alignment Coach and Ayurvedic Educator. Author of two books ( with 3 more on the way), podcaster (Intuition First) and speaker.  Mom of 2 sons. Pickleball player enthusiast! With 30 years of experience, she works with healers, intuitively gifted and newly awoken people. Her psychic abilities, Ayurvedic energy blueprint, and soul purpose work help her clients attain a deeper connection to their own gifts and abilities. She creates a safe space for them to gain a profound connection and knowingness. She helps clients build congruency and alignment in their lives and work. Her background in corporate business and personal coaching gives her a unique ability to see the “big life” picture including both personal and business purposes. Many clients, speak to her relatability and deep understanding.  “ She constantly asks you to reach beyond your ego and the place of insisting that you are right, to instead a place where you hold others in radiant light, and give them a chance to reach their own maximum potential.” - Mandeep, Client