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Christine Clark

Coach Christine Clark has forged her life in the fires of self-employment. Christine brings over 55 years of combined entrepreneurial experience to her clients. She addresses the internal mental & emotional blocks that stand between us and a life of significance. She is The Coach for Your Entrepreneurial Life. A gifted engaging speaker and trainer, Christine connects authentically with the room. Addressing the heart of the challenges that limit potential she leads people to their greatness. She is the creator of Forging A Life a fascinating approach to understanding the factors that make us exceptional i.e. what’s in our steel and how to construct a life of flow, function, and beauty.

Christine holds several coaching certifications including I.G.N.I.T.E. Breakthrough Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Neuro-Transformational Results Coach, Motivating the Masses Platinum Partner Personal Development Coach, and Elite Success Systems Master Coach

Want to: Step up your personal game? Build team or department cohesion? Claim true work-life fulfillment? Forge your significant life? Christine delivers! Contact her at and [email protected]


More About Christine
There are still times when I wish I could have gotten to where I am now, confident in who I am and solid in how I serve the world, sooner. I know at my core there is a process to becoming. There were lessons to learn, knowledge to gain and resiliency to acquire. Here are two snapshots of my journey.

Jumping off the corporate ladder.
I started a side hustle as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant while working full time as a property and casualty underwriter. That same year I became pregnant with my first son. At the salaried corporate job I kept my nose to the grind stone 50 and 60 hours a week. The work load was immense. I wore the pumps, sported business skirts, carried a brief case and could have been flipping hamburgers for the same wage if you broke that salary down by the hours I was putting in. When my son was born I knew I did not want him raised in daycare. My husband Howard’s business as a maker of custom knives was going well. I choose to leave corporate shortly after returning from maternity leave. I did not do the strategic thing of building my Mary Kay business to replace the salary first. I just jumped. Making us a duel entrepreneurship household. To sink, to swim, to tread water, which Howard and I have for 26 years and counting.

Life Coach
I clicked an ad for a free CD called Stop The Sabotage. That was the beginning of my awakening. The saying goes “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Somehow I understood I was sabotaging myself. At that time I constantly felt like a failure, felt inconsistent. Believed I was never doing enough or doing the “right” things, certainly not making enough money. I had no boundaries with customers. Willingly did anything, went anywhere, and bent over backward. I remember being recognized on stage as the number one consultant for a regional contest and thinking the other woman must not have turned in their stats. (Really!?) The truth is that I was operating in the top 7% of the company.

The CD opened a door to the world's self-development for me. I signed up for more CDs. Plugged into conference call courses. Attended live events. Got personal coaching. Everything made sense. As I began to untie my own knots, gain perspective, find clarity and change my language I immediately shared what I was learning with everyone around me. I began coaching my team (personal recruits). The thought blossomed in my heart “I think I want to coach.”

For two years I searched for how to become a certified life coach. I knew I did not want to be an ambassador for someone else’s program. I wanted to learn the skills. I also wanted a program and company with integrity. When I came across exactly what I was looking for the course was just six weeks out. The cost was big. It was a week-long full emersion program halfway across the country. The cost of the course, airfare, week in a nice hotel, plus meals was overwhelming. The mountain of money required loomed over me. It scared me. I waffled. My inner critic went on the attack: “That money should be used for the family” “How can you leave Howard to manage the house and kids?” “What if you suck as a coach?” “What if you fail?” For two days I went in circles. Finally, I said “Christine, you’ve been looking for two years. This is exactly what you want. Are you going to let money control what you do? No.” I answered. I came up with the money. I jumped into the most transformative experience I’ve ever had and took a total change in trajectory. I immediately stepped into a year-long coach training program and have been building my coaching business ever since.

What I know now: I am working in my purpose as a transformational life coach. This is my calling. All my experiences through life were preparing me for this.