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Cheryl Blackington M.A.

Cheryl brings 35 years of teaching experience in the public school to her mindfulness teaching as well as a wide breadth of training experiences, mindfulness teaching experiences, and personal mindfulness practice.


Cheryl has been teaching mindful stress reduction primarily to the greater Grand Rapids area  for the last eight  years. She began her personal training with a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class through the Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness, and from there she trained with the Mindfulness in Schools programs based out of London. Cheryl has trained with  a variety of mindfulness programs: : Mindful Schools, Koru for the college ages, and Making Friends with Yourself (a mindful self compassion class for teens.) 


She is affiliated with  the Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness and offers a variety of classes and workshops. It is Cheryl’s  passionate belief that all people would benefit from  Mindful Stress Reduction  training and Mindful Self Compassion training.  Cheryl has taught evening classes through the Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness, Mindful schools classes in area elementary schools, and Koru college classes in  area colleges. 



In addition, Cheryl leads Mindful Parenting workshops blending her personal experience, training, and a great degree of research. She draws heavily from Dan Siefel and Dr. Kim John Payne Md. She believes that parenting is one of the most important jobs we have, yet we receive so very little training for it! Her approach to the series is to give parents the broad structure,  support and tools so that they may gain the confidence to tap into their own wisdom. 


Cheryl is a parent and now a grandparent and has applied her mindfulness knowledge  with her own family.   She sees these mindfulness skills as essential life skills which continue to enhance her life as she continues her own practice and personal growth. She brings  her own daily personal practice, her learnings and deepenings from attending silent retreats, and further knowledge gained by a great deal of reading on mindfulness related matters to her classes.