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Charleen Hess

Charleen Hess is a dynamic and passionate Transformational Empowerment Coach who is living her calling to empower people to fully connect with themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. She enables them to live on purpose, find their joy, and step into their highest calling. Through her self discovery process she helps them to identify the limiting beLIEfs and stories that are holding them back from living the life they desire. Utilizing her skills as a Hairstylist, Personal trainer, and Life Coach she works with people to fully connect and integrate themselves: from their appearance, to their physical body, and their mental and emotional health, bringing into alignment all aspects of their being.

Charleen declares “I am here to empower you to build such a deep understanding and connection with yourself that you become unstoppable in shining your light." When you develop this deep self connection and live on purpose you begin to naturally step into your calling and share your gift. This is how we change the world one conscious awake powerfully alive person at a time!

Join Charleen the 3rd Friday of each month at 12pm pacific / 3pm eastern, Over the next 6 months she will share the transformation process she takes her clients through to become fully connected to themselves bringing into alignment all aspects of their being. Learn how you too can become deeply connected, step into your calling and live a life full of passion adventure and play.

Charleen lives and works in Bellingham, WA where she's actively engaged in all aspects of her career at the salon, in the gym, in the office, and in online sessions. To work with Charleen or have her as a guest speaker at your event Contact her at