Guest Profile

Celia Coughlin-Surridge

A native Sacramentain, Celia first discovered her passion for the digital marketing space while playing Roller Derby when she lived in Utah more than 14 years ago. Volunteering her time as a web designer and marketing manager while also playing the rough ‘n tumble game, volunteering turned into freelancing for several years, which led to leaving the corporate world in 2018 to work for herself full-time.


Relocating back to the Sacramento area in 2010, Celia married in 2013, welcomed her little boy in 2019, and is a proud cat-mom. Her free time is filled with trips to Fairytale Town, coloring, and True Crime podcasts. She sits on the Northern California Better Business Bureau board and is heavily involved with business networking both locally and nationally.


In 2018 Celia left the corporate world. Instead, she and her mother co-founded Modern Roots Marketing, a firm specializing in working with small businesses and nonprofits. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic grew, the needs of the ideal Modern Roots Marketing client shifted—it from wanting to work with consultants to needing someone in the digital space Full-Time. Because of this shift in the market, Celia and her mother had to make the difficult decision to close their firm and go their separate ways. 


There was a silver lining - Celia could fully step into her unique brand and become specialized in Search Engine Optimization. Celia Rose Creative Consulting paved the way for successful multiple 6-figure consultancy; while still allowing her and her family to spend time together.