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Cate Schultz

Growing up as the eighth of twelve children, Cate had ample opportunity, from day one, to observe human behavior. Cate started writing while still young, and often received recognition for her creative writing skills.


After starting her professional career as a teacher of languages (with degrees in French and English), she went off on a tangent to own and manage multiple businesses, including a multi-million-dollar medical equipment company, a real estate investment firm, and an FAA certified flight school, where she earned her private, instrument, and commercial pilot licenses.


When her children headed off to college, Cate decided it was time to get back to her first and greatest love: that of writing. Cate’s writing encompasses many genres, including poetry, fiction, creative writing, essays, and spiritual guidance, and she has been published in magazines about aviation, motorcycling, parenting, business management, and spiritual living. In 2013, she published her first book, Silent Sky, a legal-lite mystery set in Seattle, featuring an empowered young female defense attorney. Despite being the mother of three sons, Cate had, by this time, developed a passion for empowering women, and enjoyed traveling the country speaking to groups about following their dreams.


Throughout all of these activities, Cate’s passion for helping people be their best selves only got stronger and stronger. She eventually got her Life Coaching certificate, through the Tony Robbins program, and those coaching years led her to her latest books.


Cate’s current focus is empowering people of all walks with her books Soul Primer, Building Blocks of the Soul, published in 2020, and Soul Primer, Becoming a Spiritual Warrior set for release at the end of 2022.


Cate’s passion for helping and empowering others is woven throughout her writings, as well as her Soul Goddess gatherings, teachings, and retreats.